Recipe: Garlic Vegetable Soup Will Make Your Winters Delicious!


Everyone likes to drink hot soup during winters. Today in this episode we have brought for you the recipe for making Garlic Vegetable Soup. Let us know how you can make it.


Necessary Ingredients

Garlic Chopped - 2 tsp

Onion Finely Chopped - 1/4 cup

Mix Vegetables Boiled - 1 cup

Green Coriander Chopped - 2 tbsp

Quick Cooking Oats - 2 tbsp

Oil - 1 tsp

Salt -

Black pepper ground to taste - 1/2 t spoon



To make Garlic Vegetable Soup, first of all, you have to take a deep-bottomed wok or nonstick pan. You have to heat it by pouring oil inside it. After this, you have to put onion and garlic inside it. After this fry on a medium flame for about two minutes. When it is fried, then add the mixed vegetables (French beans, carrots, and cauliflower) that you have kept boiling. Now mix them well with the help of a large spoon. Let it cook on a medium flame for about 3 minutes while stirring occasionally.

When it is fried well, then you have to mix coriander and oats on top of it. After that add water as required. Cook it well for about two minutes. Your Healthy Garlic Vegetable Soup is ready. Serve it in a bowl.