Recipe: French toast can be made in children's breakfast, it will be ready in a jiffy


When we prepare breakfast for children, we are troubled every day thinking about what to make today. By eating it, they should be happy and healthy too. In such a situation, today we have brought a recipe for making French toast for you. It gets ready quickly with little effort. Let us know how you can make it.


Necessary Ingredients

Eggs - 2

Salt - As per taste

Bread - 4 slices

Black pepper powder - as required

Butter - 4 tsp



Break eggs into a vessel and put them. Now add salt and pepper according to it and mix it. To make French toast, heat the butter in a nonstick pan. Take a slice of bread and dip it in the egg mixture. After this, keep it in a pan and bake it till it becomes golden brown.

Flip the bread over and bake the other side as well. When it is cooked from both sides, take it out on a plate. Serve with butter, chili sauce, tomato sauce, or chutney. You can also grate paneer on it. Many people also eat jam with it. If you want, you can also put semi-boil vegetables on it.