Recipe For Kids: Make Caramel Candy for kids at home, it is a very easy recipe!


Kids love candies. To date, you must have given candy to the children from outside. So today in this episode, we have brought you the recipe for making Caramel Candy. 

Necessary ingredients

Butter - 12 tbsp

Light corn syrup - 3 tbsp

Sugar - ½ cup

Vanilla - ½ tbsp

Sweetened condensed milk - 420 ml

Coarse sea - salt



First of all, heat butter and sugar in a pan on medium heat.

Now add corn syrup and condensed milk to it. Cook it till it boils. 

Slow down the gas and cook it for 7-8 minutes till it turns golden brown. You have to keep stirring it in between so that it does not stick to the bottom of the vessel.

Remove the mixture from the gas and mix vanilla in it.

Now spread foil paper on the tray and pour the mixture over it. Sprinkle sea salt over it.

Leave it to cool for 2 hours.

Finally, cut it into square shape candy. Store it wrapped in wax paper.

Your candy is ready.