Recipe: Follow these tips to make perfect masala tea, one sip will give warmth to the body in winter!


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Tea is one of the popular beverages in India. Most people like to drink it. Many people's day does not start without drinking tea in the morning. The evening tea time break is a favourite of many people. Everyone adopts different methods to make tea. Some people drink weak tea while others like to drink it by adding tea leaves to milk. There is a different pleasure in drinking masala tea during cold days. If you also want to make perfect masala tea at home, then you can follow these easy cooking tips.

Choose the right quality of tea leaves

Great masala tea is made when you choose the right tea leaves. Good tea leaves enhance the taste. Therefore, be careful while buying tea leaves.

Use the right spices

Spices make masala tea better. Mix aromatic spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and black pepper in a saucepan. Roast it and grind it. You can use this powder in tea. These things enhance the taste and aroma of tea.

Boil Properly

When making tea, allow the water and spices to boil together for a few minutes before adding the tea leaves. Let the flavours mix well. Boil water on low flame.

An adequate quantity of milk is required.

Milk plays an important role in masala tea. Once your tea and spices are cooked, add milk to a vessel and bring to a boil on low flame. Milk will not only reduce the intensity of the spices but will also give a velvety texture to the tea. The quantity of milk in tea should be correct. Only then you will get the right taste.