Recipe- Everyone likes the taste of Matka Kulfi, from children to adults, note down the recipe!


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No matter what the weather is, everyone likes ice cream and kulfi. At present, the summer season is going on in the country and people are always looking for something or the other to cool down from inside. One such popular dish is Matka Kulfi, whose taste is liked by everyone. Instead of eating it from the market, you can prepare it at home also. We will share with you an easy recipe so that you will not face any problem in making it.


2 cups milk

1 cup cream

1 cup condensed milk

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

1/4 cup mixed dry fruits

1 tbsp saffron milk

2 earthen pots (matkas)


- First of all, heat milk in a pan on medium flame.

- Add cream and condensed milk to the milk and keep stirring continuously.

- When the milk starts thickening, add saffron milk and cardamom powder to it.

When the milk is reduced to half, add dry fruits to it and turn off the flame.

-Once the mixture cools completely, pour it into earthen pots and cover it with silver foil.

-Keep it in the freezer for 7-8 hours. Your Matka Kulfi is ready.

-Take it out of the freezer, cool it and serve it directly.