Recipe: Eat Dahi Vada during fasting, it tastes amazing!


At present, many people keep fast in the month of Shravan with great faith. So if you are tired of eating sago khichdi, then you can do something else for the fast. You can make dahi bada with boiled potatoes, amaranth, and maize flour. It is a good alternative to fasting. Know the easy recipe to make this fasting dahiwada.


Rajgiri flour

Water chestnut flour

Boiled potatoes

Green chilies


Curd Peanut butter

Cumin seeds Spicy Salt Ghee


Mix boiled potatoes, groundnut paste, Rajgiri, and water chestnut flour and add chili and salt.

Knead this dough well.

Make small balls of this mixture.

Heat ghee in a pan and fry these balls.

Then take curd in a bowl.

Add chili, crushed ginger, and salt to it.

Mix the curd well.

Add fried balls and sprinkle finely chopped coriander leaves on top.

After some time you can serve this fast food.