Recipe: Eat bottle gourd and makhana kheer during the fast of Mahashivratri, note down the recipe!


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Many people observe fast on Mahashivratri. Not eating anything throughout the day during fasting can lead to low energy levels. In such a situation, when you break your fast, you can prepare a bottle gourd kheer and eat it. You can also add makhana to it. It is full of nutrition, so let's know about its recipe.

How to make Lauki Makhana Kheer?

-Take a medium-sized fresh gourd.

-Clean the bottle gourd and grate it finely.

- Add 2 tablespoons of ghee to a pan and fry the makhana lightly.

- Add grated bottle gourd in the same pan and fry in ghee until lightly cooked.

-Keep stirring the gourd and maintain the flame medium during this process.

- When the gourd is lightly cooked, check it and add milk to it.

-Add milk depending on how thick you want the kheer.

- Let the kheer cook while stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, cut some cashews, almonds and chironji into pieces and mix them.

-Peel 2-3 green cardamoms and grind them finely. If you want, you can also grind cardamom with sugar.

-Gourd kheer tastes even better when it is a little thick. Therefore, when you feel that the gourd is cooked and the kheer has become thick, then add sugar to it.

-You can increase or decrease the sweetness as per your taste and if you wish, you can also grind cardamom with sugar.

- Bottle gourd kheer becomes delicious when it cools down a bit. Enjoy it after slightly cooling it in the refrigerator.

-This kheer not only tastes delicious when slightly cooled but also provides energy, making it perfect to consume during Mahashivratri fast.