Recipe- Dates Kheer will make you forget all other tastes, the recipe is very easy!


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Dates are very good for health. Due to its special properties, it is also used in many types of dishes. If you want to try something different in sweets then this food dish is perfect for you. If you are thinking of making kheer then you should try date kheer.


Milk – 1 liter

Dates – 1 bowl

Rice – 1 tsp

Jaggery – 1/4 bowl

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp

Mawa – 1/4 bowl

Chopped dry fruits – 1/2 bowl

Ghee – 1 tsp


- First of all, pour milk into a vessel and heat it on medium flame.

Meanwhile, put one spoon of ghee in a pan and heat it. When the ghee melts, you have to add dry fruits inside it and fry it till it turns pink.

- Take them out in a bowl and keep them. Now take dates and separate their seeds.

- Put them in the remaining ghee in the pan, add some water cover, and steam.

- After steaming for some time, the dates will become soft. After this, grind the dates coarsely in the mixer.

When the milk boils, add a spoonful of rice into it and cook it with a spoon.

- Milk has to be boiled until its quantity remains half.

- After this add mawa in milk and keep stirring it continuously with a spoon.

- When the milk thickens, turn off the gas. Add jaggery as per taste in it.

- Mix it well in the kheer with a spoon. After this add steamed and coarsely ground dates in it.

Now turn on the gas once again and let the milk cook for a minute or two.

- Finally add dry fruits to the kheer. Date Kheer is ready.