Recipe: Dahi Pakodi also fails Dahi Vada, note down the easy recipe!


Many people make Dahi Vada on Holi, but instead of Dahi Vada, you can also make Dahi Pakodas and eat them. You can try this in 10 minutes. Let us know how you can make it.

Ingredients for making curd dumplings

250 grams of flour

1 tablespoon salt

1 tablespoon red chilli powder

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder

1 tablespoon roasted cumin powder

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Curd Dumplings


- First of all, mix all the dry spices well in gram flour.

Now add water to the gram flour and make a thick paste.

-Keep beating the gram flour until it swells.

-You can check by putting it in a bowl; If gram flour starts floating on water then it is ready.

- Heat oil in a pan and fry small round pakodas of gram flour.

Now add a pinch of asafoetida and salt to the curd and mix well.

- Mix gram flour pakodas in curd and let them soak for about half an hour to swell.

-While serving, place 4-5 pakodas on a plate and pour some curd on top.

Now sprinkle salt, red chilli powder and roasted cumin powder in it. - Garnish with finely chopped green coriander.

-Finally add green chutney and tamarind chutney and serve to your guests.