Recipe: Consume saffron milk for Sehri in the month of Ramadan, note down the recipe!


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During Ramzan, delicious dishes are prepared for Iftar parties. During this time it is important to consume light and easily digestible food. It is important to stay hydrated and stick to hydration throughout the day. In this regard, saffron milk can be a refreshing and beneficial option. Here is a simple recipe for saffron milk:









Heat the milk and add the saffron threads, let it boil until the saffron dissolves in the milk.

Fry dry fruits in ghee and crush them into pieces.

Add crushed dry fruits to milk and continue cooking.

Once the mixture thickens and reaches the desired consistency, remove it from the flame.

Pour the saffron milk into a glass and let it cool.

Optionally, garnish with additional saffron threads and crushed dry fruits.

Keep the saffron milk in the refrigerator for some time to cool it.

Serve refreshing drinks and enjoy.

Drinking saffron milk not only cools the stomach but also keeps the body hydrated. This is a healthy option for the month of Ramzan. Remember to refrigerate it before consuming for better taste.