Recipe- Consume Pudina Shikanji in summer, you can make it at home and store it like this!


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Have you ever consumed Pudina Shikanji? If not then you should definitely try it. Actually, its taste is quite wonderful and when you drink it, it not only cools your stomach. The special thing about Pudina Shikanji is that it works like hydrating food for the body and detoxifies the toxins accumulated in the body. Let us know its recipe and how to make it.



Black Salt

Cumin Powder





Black Pepper Powder


-To make this Shikanji, first dissolve sugar in water.

Grind mint leaves and then mix them in water.

-Add lemon, black salt and regular salt.

-Add cumin powder.

- After mixing all these ingredients, stir them well.

- Sprinkle a little black pepper powder.

Mix well and keep aside.

How to store:

Now you just have to take a glass bottle and fill Shikanji in it. Keep it in the fridge and you can drink it whenever you feel like it or serve it to guests at home. It not only cools the stomach in summer but also protects from dehydration.