Recipe: Banana Puri is tasty and healthy, make it by following this recipe!


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Children should eat something every two to three hours. In such a situation, women think about what should they make, that is tasty and healthy and also satisfies their hunger. If your kids feel hungry in the evening and ask for junk food, or ice cream from outside, then make this delicious banana puri at home and feed them. Kids will like its taste and they will avoid eating unhealthy food outside. So let's know what is the recipe for making banana puree, which will be ready in just a few minutes.

Ingredients to make Banana Puree

- Two ripe bananas

- One-fourth cup of semolina

- One bowl of wheat flour

- One spoon of fennel

- One spoon of cardamom powder

- Jaggery 2 pieces

- One spoon of desi ghee

How to make banana puree

- First of all, peel and cut the banana in a bowl. Then mash it with a fork. Now add jaggery to it. Before adding jaggery to the banana, grind it well. Now add semolina and wheat flour and mix. Now add fennel powder, and cardamom powder and mix. Mix all these things and knead the dough. Remember not to use water while kneading the dough. The dough should be kneaded only with mashed bananas. After kneading add desi ghee to the flour and mix it well. Now roll a big ball of this dough. Then cut them into small round shapes with the help of a round cutter or bowl. Heat oil in a pan and fry them till they turn golden brown. Delicious banana puree is ready. If you want, you can serve it to kids with a creamy dip.