Recipe- Malai Paratha will make you forget all the tastes, know the recipe!


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The cream formed from milk is not only tasty but also nutritious. Dishes made from it are always a hit. One such dish is Malai Paratha. If you are tired of eating traditional parathas for breakfast and want to try something different, then the delicious Malai Paratha is a great option. So let's know about its recipe.


Milk cream – 1 cup

Wheat flour – 1 bowl

Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp

Sugar powder – to taste

Clarified butter – as required

Salt – a pinch


Take wheat flour in a bowl and add a pinch of salt to it. Mix well.

Gradually add water to the flour and knead the dough.

Knead the dough until it becomes soft. Then take another bowl and add cream to it.

Add powdered sugar to the cream and mix both well with a spoon until the mixture becomes homogeneous.

Take a portion of the dough and roll it into a ball.

Place one spoon of cream-sugar mixture in the centre of the dough ball and seal it from all sides.

Press the stuffed dough ball gently and roll it out.

Heat a non-stick pan or tawa on medium flame.

When the pan is hot, spread some ghee on it and put the parathas on it.

Cook the paratha until it turns golden brown on both sides, turning occasionally.

Once cooked, apply some ghee to the upper part of the paratha.

Cook the paratha by turning it from both sides till it becomes crisp and golden.

- Take out the parantha from the pan and keep it on a plate.

Similarly, prepare all the malai parathas with the remaining cream and flour.