RBI Rules: Before using bank locker, know the new rules of RBI...


Are you also thinking of keeping some of your valuables in a bank locker? Nowadays, many people consider it safer to keep their valuables in a bank locker instead of keeping them at home, and in such a situation, this is also a good thing. Now the question is whether it will be safe to keep your valuables in a bank locker. This question comes to the mind of many such people that if they keep valuables and they get stolen from the bank or something goes wrong, will they get their valuables back? So let us know today what are the rules of the bank locker and what will happen if some things go missing from the bank locker.


What if items go missing from your bank locker?
Reserve Bank of India has changed many rules regarding bank lockers. According to the new rule, if a bank customer keeps his goods in the bank locker and the goods get damaged then the customers do not need to worry. The bank will be responsible if the goods get damaged. If the goods get damaged or stolen then the bank will have to pay compensation. Even if goods are destroyed due to a fire in the bank, the bank will compensate for the entire loss.


How to avail bank locker facility?
Now for those who are wondering how to avail of the facility of a bank locker. For this you will first have to go to the bank. Where you have to submit an application to the bank to get your locker. Also, it is given in the bank on a first come first serve basis. If your name appears on the waiting list of the bank then you will be given a locker. For this, some rent is charged from you on an annual basis i.e. you will have to pay the fee for the locker you will take.

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