RBI Rule: One person can open so many bank accounts, know what are the rules of RBI..


At present, almost every person has a personal account in the bank. Some save through a bank account, some use it for their daily expenses, while many people open bank accounts to avail the benefits of government schemes, etc. Not only this, now even children's bank accounts are opened, in which the government school deposits the amount of assistance given to the children in their bank account. In such a situation, have you ever wondered how many bank accounts a person can open? Is there any rule of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regarding this? Yes, of course, it is, so let us know what this rule says.


Types of bank accounts:-
1. Saving account
2. Current account
3. Salary account (zero balance account)
4. Joint account (both current and savings).

If we talk about which account people open the most or which account they use the most, then savings account comes first. Generally, people use it as a primary account.

Which account is for which person?
People deposit their earnings in a savings account and then interest is paid on this money by the bank. Some banks pay interest every month, some three, some six months, or annually. On the other hand, business people use current accounts and salaried people use salary accounts.


One person can open so many bank accounts
According to the rules of the Central Bank of India (RBI), any person can open any number of bank accounts in India. No limit of any kind has been set for this. It is important for you to take care of all the bank accounts you open. After opening an account, those who do not pay attention to those accounts, charges are imposed by the bank on their accounts. To avoid such things, you should take care of all your bank accounts.

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