Raisins curd and nuts for instant energy:- Not only coffee, but these things also provide instant energy


Many times the body gets tired due to excessive work. There is a lack of energy. To maintain freshness in the body, people often depend on tea or coffee. Drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day, but consuming excessive caffeine can cause problems. Due to this, sleep-related problems also occur. In such a situation, to get instant energy, you can consume these things as suggested by experts instead of coffee. It also provides energy and is very beneficial for the body. Health expert RichaDoshi is giving information about this.

These foods give instant energy 


You can consume dates for instant energy. Natural glucose, fructose and sucrose are found in it, which gives you instant energy. Its high fibre and carbohydrate content makes it an excellent source of energy. It contains iron which promotes proper blood circulation in the body.


Banana is called the powerhouse of energy. By eating this you get instant energy. It has vitamins, minerals and good carbs that give you instant energy. The potassium present in it relaxes the muscles. The magnesium present in it relaxes the mind and promotes brain function. In such a situation, whenever you feel weakness or lack of energy, you can benefit from consuming a banana.

Yogurt, Seeds and Raisins

According to experts, eating curd mixed with seeds and raisins also provides instant energy. Raisins are rich in iron, fibre and calcium. Curd also contains fibre, calcium and antioxidants. You can add pumpkin, sunflower or flax seeds to the seeds. This speeds up metabolism. Overall, this combination is considered an excellent source of energy.

image credit-Freepik