Railway Rules: How much is the fine for traveling without ticket in train, know here!


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India is one of the countries that has the largest railway network. People can easily travel across the country using this big rail system. Millions of people travel by trains for employment, family, and other reasons, which is generally convenient and economical.

Many times, while booking train tickets, a passenger finds a long waiting list, which means that a train seat may not be available. Sometimes it happens that we have to travel in an emergency, in such a situation you can board the train without a ticket. However, doing this should be avoided.


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If you are facing this type of challenge, then you do not need to worry about it, because TTE cannot charge you a fine of thousands of rupees for traveling without a ticket in the train.


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You may only be charged a travel fee and a fine of Rs 250. You cannot be charged a fine as per your wish.