Rail Theme Restaurant: This special restaurant is built on a rail theme in India, trains bring food to the customer's table


If you are fond of traveling, then there are many such places in India that will thrill you. Here you will get a chance to go boating in the lake amidst the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, while you will also enjoy more than one view in the South Indian states. If you are fond of food and drink, then here you can taste different special dishes from every state or city. But the most important thing is those restaurants, cafes or eateries, where you are going to eat. What you must have heard about the strangest restaurants in the country. Somewhere food is served in the cemetery, then there is a jail-like restaurant, which has its own barracks for the customer and the soldiers and prisoners serve food for you. In this episode, if you are fond of eating food on the train, then in Andhra Pradesh you will find a restaurant based on a rail theme. If you go to Andhra Pradesh, then definitely eat food in Vijayawada. A restaurant is in the discussion here. Different food is served to the customers coming to this restaurant. You also know about this special restaurant in Vijayawada.


There is a restaurant in Vijayawada, where food is served to the customers by train. This restaurant is built on a train theme. It has chair car-shaped chairs for the customers. There is a table in front on which rail tracks are made.


A toy train passes by to serve food to the customers. Through this train, food is sent from the kitchen to the table of the customers.


This type of restaurant is also in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. There are restaurants on the Metro Rail theme. After ordering the food of the customer, their order is prepared in the kitchen, then placing the order of the customer in the toy train, the train is sent to the customer's table through remote.


The customer takes out his food and serves it. After that, the train leaves for the kitchen.