Radiation: Carry this underwear at the price of a gas cylinder, it will protect you from mobile radiation, and these will be the benefits!


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It is often advised not to keep the mobile phone in the pocket of a shirt or pants while using it. Because there is a possibility of increasing impotence due to this. There is a possibility of danger from mobile phone radiation. Therefore, it is advisable not to keep the mobile in the pocket of a shirt or pants. So where to keep the mobile phone? Many people have this question in their mind. But now you can keep the mobile in your pants pocket. A new fund has been found for this.

France has banned the sale of the iPhone 12 to protect against mobile radiation. A huge amount of radiation is coming out of this Apple phone. There is a need to avoid electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices. After France, other European countries have also taken this matter seriously. So this gives an idea of ​​how dangerous mobile radiation is. To control this mobile radiation, anti-radiation underwear is being sold in the market, which shows how seriously this matter has been taken.

How much does it cost?

Anti-radiation underwear protects against radiation emitted from mobile and other wireless devices, claims underwear manufacturing companies. These companies also say that because of this underwear, you get protection. Today we are also going to tell you about smart underwear. This underwear will protect you from harmful radiation and the price of this anti-radiation underwear is one thousand rupees. Interestingly, this price is similar to the price of a gas cylinder.


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99 Percent Protection

Coat of Arms underwear is available on Amazon's international site. This smart underwear blocks EMF radiation through the silver fabric. The underwear thread is wrapped with silver cloth. Because of this, silver eliminates WiFi and mobile phone radiation. This underwear will provide 99 percent protection.

Underwear pocket:

This underwear not only protects from radiation but also feels comfortable to wear. This underwear has two pockets. You can keep important items in it. In this pocket, you can keep things like cash, credit card, passport, ID, or keys. Thus this underwear protects.

Stretchable Underwear

The Silver Line Travel Boxer Brief is made from soft modal fabric. This underwear is comfortable. This underwear contains 7% Lycra. It gives a good stretch to the body shape. You can work out by wearing this underwear.