Quang Phu Cau Village: Have you been cheated too? This is not a flower garden, tourists come from all over the world


This is not a garden of roses, buttercups or daisies. Nor is it the world-famous Tulip Garden of Kashmir. Now you must be thinking that what is this place? This place is a village in Vietnam, whose name is Quang Fu Cau. The colourful view of this village is due to incense sticks. (Twitter)


Quang Phu Cau village of Vietnam is also known as the village of incense sticks. There are about 300 thousand houses here, which do the work of making incense sticks. The view created by the color and fragrance here is something different. (Twitter)

However, now this village has become a center of tourism. People come from far and wide to see incense sticks being made in this village. The people working here have to do their work among the tourists. (Twitter)

The people of Vietnam believe that incense sticks are their culture. The sight of colorful incense sticks drying in the open attracts thousands of people every year. People do not forget to come here and take pictures at all. (Twitter)


A picture made this village famous all over the world. The work of making incense sticks is going on in this village for generations and it is also the means of livelihood of the people. Incense sticks are made here in a traditional way. (Twitter)