Purity of Paneer: Bringing Paneer from outside during the festival season? This is how to identify real and adulterated cheese!


In the name of this festival, various paneer dishes are prepared in many homes. Paneer is used in making royal dishes. From vegetables to garnishing, cheese is beneficial for health. But there is every possibility of adulteration in the cheese brought from the market. Yes, during the festive season, many things along with sweets are adulterated in the markets. Paneer is one of them. The cheese available in the market may be fake, which is also harmful to your health. In such a situation, here are some easy tricks, with the help of which you can check the purity of cheese and save yourself from eating fake cheese.

Add turmeric powder or soybean 

And boil it in water to check the purity of the paneer. After it cools down a bit, add soybean or lentil powder and keep it for 10 minutes. If the color of the cheese starts turning light red, then understand that the cheese is made with detergent or urea.

Use Iodine Tincture:

If you want to know whether your cheese is pure or not, you can use iodine tincture. For this, first of all, put the cheese brought from the market in a pan and add water to it. Now boil it for five minutes and let it cool. After it cools down, add a few drops of iodine tincture to this cheese and see whether your cheese turns blue or not. If it is blue, it means your cheese is fake.


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Use of turmeric

The cheese made in the market these days can be adulterated. Urea, detergent powder, and many other dangerous chemicals are added to it. This can be detected by using turmeric powder. Real raw paneer turns yellow when exposed to turmeric, while fake paneer turns red.

Mash with hands

Before buying paneer from the market, test it by mashing it with your hands. Adulterated paneer is made from skimmed milk powder, which cannot withstand hand pressure. That is why it breaks when crushed. If the cheese breaks when touched, then understand that it is adulterated. Eating this type of cheese can lead to digestive problems and an upset stomach.