Puja Tips: Asana has special importance in worship, if you make these mistakes then you will not get the result of worship!


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Aasan must be used while worshiping at home or temple. Asanas have been used for centuries during chanting or worship. Aasan must be used in any type of worship. It is believed that worshiping without aasana does not yield results. There is also a method of posture worship. There are many types of designer seats available in the market nowadays, but sitting on any kind of seat is not auspicious. Let's know on which seat one should worship and on which seat one should not sit.

Rules of posture

Never worship while sitting on a bamboo posture. It is believed that due to this the person has to face financial crisis and poverty. Also, seats made of grass and straw should not be used. This destroys fame. This has a bad effect on the person's respect. Don't worship even sitting on a stone. It brings disease, grief, and misfortune and hinders economic progress.


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Even a seat made of leaves is not considered auspicious for worship. This does not make progress in business and things do not last long. On the other hand, worshiping on a wooden seat brings sorrow and unrest. Sitting on a cloth seat brings worries and obstacles.

In Brahma Purana, the use of Kusha Asana is considered very auspicious. Kusha is related to Ketu. The use of this asana gives infinite results. The blanket can also be used as a seat. If you are starting worship or chanting for the first time, keep the posture separate.


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First of all the posture should be purified with mantras. When you go for worship, first of all, lift your seat and keep it on your head, then start worship. After worship, the seat should be wrapped and put back in the same place with respect.

The more respect you give to the posture, the more auspicious results you will get from the worship. When you pray and chant while sitting in a posture, spiritual energy flows within you. Positive energy accumulates. Remember that your feet should not touch the floor while sitting on the asana. In the scriptures, rugs made of silk, blankets, copper sheet, and deer skin are said to be good.