Property Tips: Registration will not make you the owner of the property, it is necessary to have your name in this document...

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If you have purchased any property and after getting it registered in the tehsil, you are sure that the shop, plot, or house is now yours, then you are making a mistake. Even after paying the full amount to the seller and getting it registered, you have not become the full owner of that property. If you have not done the mutation of property after registration, then you may get into trouble. Many property disputes arise due to not getting mutation done.


Every day there are reports that a person has sold a property twice. Or the seller took a loan against the land even after registering the sold property in the name of the buyer. This happens because the buyer of the land has only got the registration done, he has not got the property registered or transferred in his name.

Mutation is also necessary after registration
The Indian Registration Act says that if any transfer of property worth more than Rs 100 takes place, it will be in writing. Its registration is done in the sub-registrar office. This rule is applicable in the entire country and it is called registry. But, you should understand very well that mere registration does not make you the full owner of the land, house, or shop. After registration, it is also very important to get a mutation done.

The full document of ownership, not a registry.
Registry is only a document of transfer of ownership, not of ownership. After getting the registration done, when you get the mutation done based on that registry, then you become the full owner of that property. Therefore, if you ever buy a property, do not rest assured just by getting it registered.


After registration, when the filing is rejected, only then does the property buyer acquire all the rights related to the property. Filing in Kharij means that your name gets included in the government record of ownership of that property based on registry. Cancellation means that the name of the old owner has been removed from the ownership records.

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