Property Documents: You will not become the owner of the property just by registry, these documents are also necessary..


People work hard to establish their homes. People try to make this dream come true by adding every penny. But when this dream comes to the verge of coming true, there is a lot of property paperwork involved in the process. If you are taking a home loan then there is a lot of paperwork from the bank and the administration. Many people have very little knowledge about property-related documents.


Before making any property deal, it is important to get information about many things. You can also take legal advice for this work. Let us tell you about those documents (property ke jaruri kagaj) that are mandatory for buying a house.

Sale deed: This sheet of paper is the most important for buying a house. The original deed proves your ownership of the property. You have to get your property registered by going to the sub-registrar's office in the area where the property is situated.

Occupancy Certificate: The occupancy certificate is an important document, which must be obtained from the builder. If he does not give it, the buyers have the right to take legal action against the developer.

Possession Letter: The developer issues a possession letter in favor of the buyer, in which the date of possession of the property is mentioned. To get a home loan, it is necessary to present the original copy of this document. Unless OC is obtained, the possession letter alone cannot be considered sufficient for possession of the property.

Mortgage: A mortgage is a type of loan that a borrower uses to purchase or maintain a house or other form of real estate. Also agrees to pay it over time. The property acts as collateral to secure the loan.

Mutation (filed-rejected): This document is used in the properties of Gram Panchayat. It contains information about the previous owner. Although there is no need to provide original documents, if you buy property in the areas under Gram Panchayat (mutation kaise banwaaye), then it is mandatory to show it.

No Objection Certificate (NOC): Very few people would know that to build a project, the builder has to obtain 19 NOCs from different authorities. However, this number may vary in different cities. You can ask your developer to keep a copy of these NOCs for your records.


Allotment letter: A property allotment letter is one of the most important documents to get a home loan. It is issued by the developer or housing authority. It contains details of the property and how much money the customer has paid to the builder.

Property Tax Receipts: Homeowners have to pay taxes. Also, ensure that the previous owner has paid the property tax and there are no dues now. Property tax receipts also help in proving the legal status of the property.

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