Property Document: Before buying a new or old property, definitely check these important documents...


Before buying or investing in a property, it is very important to investigate it thoroughly. Often, in property matters, most people rely on brokers and builders. But, it is important to know yourself about this also. Let us tell you which documents are necessary to check before buying a property.


Before buying a property, it is very important to verify the title and ownership of the seller. After this also check the channel document. In this, complete details of the property X sold to Y, and Y sold to Z are given.

Whenever you buy a house or flat, it is important to first check that there is no property mortgage, bank loan, or any tax outstanding on that property. For this, you need an Encumbrance Certificate, because it contains information about all these things.

You must have often heard about the OC certificate (Occupancy certificate kya hai). This means an occupancy certificate which must be obtained from the builder. OC certifies that a building meets the National Building Code and is suitable for occupation or habitation. This certificate is issued by a government agency like a local development authority or municipality (Property document verification process). Before buying a house or flat, obtain an OC certificate from the builder.

On purchasing a flat, the builder or developer issues a possession letter in favor of the buyer, in which the date of possession of the property is written. At the same time, a possession letter alone cannot be considered sufficient for possession of the property unless OC is also obtained.


Additionally, the buyer should ask for a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer before purchasing the property. This No Objection Certificate (Property No Objection Certificate) is obtained from the Environment Department, Pollution Board, Sewage Board, etc., which ensures the “Notice of Rejection” for the construction.

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