Pregnant Women's Rights: Pregnant women also get all these legal rights, click here to know!


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Women have been given many rights to live with respect in society, which they can use anytime.

During their employment, women also have various rights, and violators may face penalties if they violate these rights.

Similarly, pregnant women have also been provided legal rights. Especially for those women who work in offices.

A pregnant woman cannot be denied leave and cannot be put under excessive pressure to work more.

A female employee cannot be asked to join the office immediately after delivery. Rules for this purpose have been laid down in the Maternity Benefit Act 1961.

Under this Act, no company can fire a pregnant woman. Doing this can result in a punishment of up to three years.

According to the law, a pregnant woman can take maternity leave for up to 26 weeks. During this period the company will have to pay him his full salary. There can be no discrimination of any kind against a pregnant woman.