Pregnant women eat this fruit daily to get rid of morning sickness

Pregnant women eat this fruit daily to get rid of morning sickness

Morning sickness is a common problem among women during pregnancy. In this condition, pregnant women get severe headaches and dizziness after waking up in the morning. Also, morning sickness causes problems like vomiting, loss of appetite, and nausea. According to experts, 8 out of 10 women face morning sickness. Most women have this problem in the third and fourth months of pregnancy. At the same time, many women suffer from this problem for 9 months. This disease does not affect the unborn child. Doctors always advise pregnant women to include things rich in iron, protein, and calcium. Consuming these things also provides relief in morning sickness. Apart from this, to get rid of morning sickness, definitely eat cilantro daily. Come, let's know everything about it-

What to do in morning sickness

Eat small meals at regular intervals during morning sickness. Drink water half an hour before or after having a meal. Apart from this, drink lemonade every morning after waking up. Sucking ginger in the mouth also provides relief in morning sickness. At the same time, doctors recommend eating cilantro to get rid of morning sickness.

What does the research say?

Research has revealed that it is safe to eat cilantro during pregnancy. Its consumption has a favorable effect on the health of both mother and child. Mineral, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, sodium, zinc, etc. are found in Sitaphal. In addition, vitamin-A, B, and vitamin-C are found in cilantro. Research in the Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences states that eating one cilantro per day reduces the risk of miscarriage. At the same time, the presence of magnesium and copper in cilantro helps in the development of the baby's brain and nervous system. Vitamins A and C present in it play an important role in the development of the eyes, hair, and skin of the baby.

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