PPF Tips: PPF people do not get this facility, know this before investing..


In today's time, when we talk about investment, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Public Provident Fund. Public Provident Fund is a government scheme in which investments can be made for a long time and a good amount of money can be accumulated. At present, interest of 7.1 percent is available on this account. PPF accounts can be opened in any post office or bank. Any Indian citizen can invest in this scheme. Apart from this, tax benefits are also available in this scheme under Section 80C of Income Tax. But still, before investing in PPF (PPF Rules), you must know about some rules related to it.


Many people invest in the Public Provident Fund right from the beginning of their job. In this, along with guaranteed returns, there is also the benefit of tax benefits. However, currently, there are many investment options in the market where investment can be done easily without any risk.

Every PPF Fund investor should know which facilities are not available in PPF and which are available in other investment schemes. If you are thinking of investing in PPF, then first know about the rules of PPF.

Only 1 account can be opened
There are many such government schemes in which you can open more than one account (Public Provident Fund Account), but only one account can be opened in Public Provident Fund.

If an investor has two accounts then he has to merge them (PPF Account Merge option). If he does not merge the accounts then interest is not credited in those accounts.

There is no joint account facility
The facility of nominee (PPF Account Nominee option) is available in the Public Provident Fund Account, but a joint account cannot be opened in it.

If the PPF account holder dies, the nominee has the right to withdraw money from the account but cannot operate a joint account.


Better returns are available in other schemes
Nowadays, many investment schemes are giving better returns than PPF (PPF Interest Rate today). In this scheme, along with the facility of guaranteed returns and tax deduction, higher returns are also available as compared to PPF.

At present, 7.1 percent interest is available in PPF. In such a situation, you must compare it with other schemes before investing.

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