Post Office Update: Open an account in this scheme of Post Office, and you will get Rs 9200 every month..


Post Office Scheme - Everyone wants to increase their earnings and at the same time everyone is worried about money in the future. If you are also thinking something similar then now you do not need to worry. Well, there are thousands of such options where you can make good money by investing. But today we are going to tell you about a scheme of the post office where after opening an account, you can get a pension of Rs 9200 every month with low investment. Let us know in detail in the news below-


If you are married then you can get double the money. Not only this but many facilities are provided to investors under this scheme. Along with this, you have no fear of risk at all if you invest under the scheme. Because any scheme of the post office has nothing to do with the share market.

For information, let us tell you that the name of the scheme we are talking about is Monthly Income Policy, which husband and wife can avail of by opening a joint account. The special thing about this scheme is that you get a lock-in period of 5 years under this scheme.

With this, you can transfer the policy to any corner of the country. If husband and wife open a joint account together, they are allowed to invest a maximum of Rs 9 lakh. Whereas if three people together open an account then the maximum investment limit is Rs 15 lakh.

If husband and wife together invest Rs 9 lakh, you will get interest at the rate of 7.4 percent. This means you can get Rs 9250 every month. Along with this, you keep getting this money till your death. This means that you will continue to receive money throughout your life.


If one of the husband or wife dies, the other members of the policy will continue to receive money. After this, if you need to, you can also withdraw your principal amount. Once you withdraw your principal, you will stop receiving money.