Post Office: This scheme is superhit! You will get an interest of Rs 2 lakh, you will have to invest this much!


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In old age, the body gets tired and expenses increase. In such a situation, advance investment can be beneficial for you. If you invest your hard-earned money in the right place, then you will get its fruits in life. In the event of a collapse of some cooperative banks, this scheme of dak is more profitable than many fraudulent investment schemes. Investment in this scheme is not only guaranteed by the Central Government but also gives good returns. Senior Citizen Saving Scheme gives tremendous returns. At present 8.2 percent interest is available on this scheme. The central government reviews and changes this interest rate every three months. This scheme is beneficial for everyone. In this scheme, you can get interest up to Rs 2 lakh. But it requires a lot of investment.

Benefits at a young age

The Post Office SCSS Scheme is especially for senior citizens. This scheme is for citizens above 60 years of age. This scheme is for those people, citizens, who have accepted retirement. At present 8.2 percent interest is being given on this scheme. If a senior citizen invests Rs 5 lakh in this scheme, he will get an interest of Rs 10,250 every three months on this amount. The interest amount in the next five years will be Rs 2 lakh.


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Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

  • Deposit Rs 5 lakh once.
  • Deposit this amount for five years.
  • 8.2 percent interest will be given on this amount.
  • The total amount on maturity will be Rs 07,05,000.
  • The interest amount will be Rs 2,05,000.
  • This amount will be Rs 10,250 per quarter.

What is the benefit of this scheme?

  • This is a plan of the Central Government. Investment in this is safe. They will get the guarantee of the Central Government.
  • Under Rule 80C of the Income Tax Department, an investment of up to Rs 1.5 lakh per annum will be eligible for tax relief.
  • The account of this scheme of postal account can be transferred to any post office across the country. In this scheme, the interest amount is deposited every three months.

How to open an account

In this scheme, the account can be opened in any government or private bank. For that, an application form will have to be filled out and submitted. Two passport photographs, an identity card, and other KYC documents have to be attached to this application. In this scheme, the interest amount can be directly deposited in the account. The central government will review the interest every three months.