Post Office Scheme: By investing in this scheme of Post Office, women will get Rs 2,32,044 in 2 years...

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The government is running many schemes to make women self-reliant. There are some schemes which have been made only to increase the wealth of women. On behalf of the government, the post office is running many such schemes (post office schemes) in which women from cities to villages can also invest money. You can also earn interest income on your money. By investing in the Post Office scheme, you will get Rs 2,32,044 on maturity after 2 years. Let us know about this scheme.


Mahila Samman Saving Certificate
Mahila Samman Certificate Post Office is also operating. By investing in the Post Office Mahila Samman Savings Certificate Scheme, women will not have to face any kind of market risk. In this, you will get guaranteed returns. Under this scheme, women can deposit a maximum of Rs 2 lakh for 2 years. You get a fixed rate of 7.5 percent interest on investment in two years.

Get tax exemption
If you look at the maximum in the post office scheme, the government is also giving tax exemption under 80C on the money deposited in this scheme. By investing in this scheme, all women will get tax relief. Under the scheme, girls aged 10 years or more can also open their accounts here. Under the Mahila Samman Saving Certificate Scheme, interest will be given at the rate of 7.5 percent for two years.


You will get Rs 2,32,044 on maturity
If you invest Rs 2 lakh once, you will get returns of Rs 15,000 in the first year and Rs 17,044 in the second year. That means you will get an interest income of Rs 32,044 under the scheme on investment of Rs 2 lakh in two years. If you invest Rs 2 lakh for 2 years, women will get Rs 2,32,044 on maturity.

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