PM Swanidhi Scheme: What is PM Swanidhi Scheme, in which the government gives loan up to Rs 50 thousand without guarantee..


The government is promoting self-employment. For this, the government has run many schemes. One of these schemes is PM Svanidhi Yojana. Under this scheme, you can easily take a loan without any guarantee to start your business.


The government has started this scheme for street vendors during the Covid pandemic.

What is the PM Swanidhi Scheme?
In this scheme, you can easily take a loan without any guarantee. With the help of the loan amount, you can start a new business. In this, the government gives loans ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000. In this scheme, a loan of Rs 10,000 is available for the first time, Rs 20,000 for the second time, and Rs 50,000 for the third time.

The loan amount received under the scheme has to be returned within 12 months i.e. 1 year.

Benefits of PM Swanidhi Yojana
     The loan can be taken to start a new business.
     You get the benefit of a 7 percent subsidy on premature loan repayment.
     The government also gives cashback on making digital payments.
     The beneficiary gets the benefit of cashback ranging from Rs 25 to Rs 100.

How to apply
     You can apply by going to any government bank
     To apply, fill in the required information in the application form and attach the documents.
     After this, you will have to tell for which business you are taking the loan.
     Now the document will be verified by the bank.
     After verifying the documents the beneficiary will get the loan.


Which documents are necessary
     Aadhaar Card
     Bank Account Number (Bank Account Details)
     Address Proof
     mobile number
     PAN Card

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