Plums Benefits: Plums are known as Chinese dates, know the benefits of consuming them..


All of you must have consumed ber at one time or the other, which is a seasonal fruit. Ber is also known as sugar date. The dried jujube fruits, scientifically known as Ziziphus jujuba, are extremely beneficial in the same way as dates and figs. Many nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Amino Acids, Fiber, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Vitamin C are present in dried jujube. Along with these nutrients, it is also rich in anti-oxidant properties. It proves helpful in getting rid of many diseases of the body, about which we are going to tell you today. So let's know about it...


Aids in weight control
Dried jujube fruits are rich in fibre. Therefore, when we consume these fruits in large quantities, they give instant energy to the body, but after eating them, we feel full for a long time and do not have the desire to eat some other food items. In this way, the body avoids overeating and weight is controlled. If you are thinking of losing weight, then consume these fruits in large quantities at least one hour before any meal, so that you can avoid overeating.

Constipation aid
Dry ber cures constipation. It is a high-fiber fruit. By eating this, the problem of constipation starts getting cured quickly. It also reduces the discomfort you experience while having a bowel movement to a great extent. Makes stool thick and heavy. The amount of fibre present in it is also helpful in removing other stomach-related disorders. By eating dried plums, you will get rid of the problem of constipation.


Strengthen bones
Bone health is also included in the benefits of eating plums. In medical research published in this regard, it has been given that due to lack of copper in the body, bone-related problems and especially bones are weak. In such a situation, the copper present in the plum can prevent bones from becoming weak. Along with this, jujube also contains calcium and phosphorus. These are considered essential for bone formation and health.