Plazo is a comfortable bottom wear not only for summer but also for winter, style it like this


The palazzo is very comfy bottom wear that you can carry in any season with experimentation and intelligence. So first know how many types of plazos are there and then the way of styling them.

The fashion of the plazo is not recent, but it was quite a popular bottom wear in the olden times as well. Just now, many types of experiments are being seen in it. There are many styles available like pleated, straight cut, trousers which you can team up with the right to wear for a stylish look. The best thing about palazzos is that you can carry them like western wear along with traditional wear. So without delay, let us first know how many types they are as well as their style guide.

1. Pleated Palazzo

As the name suggests, it has pleats that make it look different. From casual outings to formal looks, you can also carry them. Can be worn with a crop top or with a shirt in.

2. Straight Cut Palazzo

The most simple style of the palazzo, which is undoubtedly worn less but still has not gone out of fashion. They look good with short or long kurtas. There is not a lot of enclosure due to which they are more comfortable. If you have never worn a palazzo before, then choosing such a palazzo would be the best decision.

3. Trouser Palazzo

You can easily replace this type of plazo with trousers because their look comes exactly like trousers. If you want to add style to the boring formal look, then choose this plazo. Whether you want to wear it with a formal shirt or with a ruffle top of georgette and chiffon, the combination of them will look great with each one. But if you are going to wear printed trouser palazzo, then wear a plain top along with a blazer to balance the look. The overall look will be very nice.