Pixel 8 Pro Smartphone: - This feature present in mobile phones will tell whether you have a fever or not, know how it works


Many types of features are found in the smartphones available in the market which help in making human life easier. But do you know that Pixel 8 Pro has a feature with which fever can be measured?

The features present in mobile phones make them different. Thermometers are often used to measure fever. But let us tell you that after some time you will not need a thermometer because very soon a phone is going to come on the market with the help of which you will be able to find out whether you have a fever or not or you can say that now your phone Will tell whether you have a fever or not. Let us tell you that recently Google has provided the facility to measure human body temperature in Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. Let us tell you how this feature works and what kind of facilities it is going to provide.

Temperature sensor feature in Pixel 8 Pro

Temperature sensor is an app-based smartphone feature that lets you measure your body temperature. This sensor will work when you come in contact with the camera visor installed in the phone. The temperature sensor has many layers like metal, organic and liquid forms which allow for measuring the temperature. 

Know how this temperature works

Body temperature can be measured with the infrared sensor and body temperature app in the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. The sensor present in Pixel 8 Pro catches and measures the infrared radiation emitted from an object or human body. This sensor can measure temperatures ranging from 392°F (200°C) to -4°F (-20°C). By placing this phone on a person's forehead, the temperature of the fever can be scanned.

How to use sensor and thermometer 

Radiation emanates from the human body. To measure this, an infrared sensor has been provided in Pixel 8 Pro. This phone measures the fever temperature accurately by scanning the temporal artery with the help of the body temperature app. After this, it sends the data from the infrared sensor to the algorithm to appear on the screen, due to which Google can catch the body temperature with the help of software.

Image Credit- Freepik, Google, Amazon