Pitrupaksha 2023: Do not consume these things even by mistake during Pitrupaksha, you may have to face the wrath of your ancestors!


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During Pitru Paksha, Pind Daan or Shraddha is performed for the peace of the souls of the ancestors. It is important for the elder son of the deceased to perform Shraddha on his date. Crows are fed specially prepared food outside the house or on the terrace. Along with this, the cow is also treated with leaves. Performing Shraddha during Pitru Paksha brings peace to the ancestors. At the same time, there are some rules of fatherhood. It is prohibited to eat some food items. If you consume this food during this time, you will have to face the displeasure of your ancestors.

There are 15 days in a year when you perform Shraddha in the memory of your ancestors or perform Pind Daan for the peace of your ancestors' souls. On the day of Pitru Paksha, the ancestors come to earth in some form or the other and bless our relatives, but we do something wrong in the matter of food and drink, due to which the ancestors get angry and start giving inauspicious effects.

Consumption of these foods is prohibited

Meat and liquor: It is said in the scriptures that on the day of Pitru Paksha, do not consume meat and liquor even by mistake. This angers the ancestors and has a direct impact on the descendants.

Garlic Onion: Eating garlic and onion is prohibited on the day of Pitru Paksha. Because onion has been kept in the category of tamasic food. During Pitru Paksha one should eat sattvik food so that thoughts remain simple.

Gram: Gram should not be eaten during Pitru Paksha. It is considered inauspicious. Be it gram sattu or gram dal or gram sweets.

Masoor dal: Masoor dal is prohibited during Pitru Paksha. Eat only cooked food. It is considered lucky. Similarly, lentils and gram lentils are also considered inauspicious.

When is Pitru Paksha?

As soon as the full moon of Bhadra month ends, Pitripaksha starts from 30th September and continues till the Amavasya date of 14th October. Pind Daan will be performed for a total of 15 days. During Pitru Paksha, people from all over the country come to Gaya in Bihar to offer Pind Daan to their ancestors.