Pitru Paksha 2023: Why is Pind Daan important in Bodh Gaya? The reason is told in Garuda Purana!


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Like every worship in Hinduism, Pitru Paksha (Pitru Paksha 2023) Shradh is considered to be of special importance. Offering to ancestors gives peace to their souls and gives them speed. Every year the 15 days of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada are very special because during this time Pitrupaksha occurs and families perform Shradh for the peace of their ancestors' souls. But this year Pitrupaksha will start late. This year Pitrupaksha will start on 29 September 2023 and will continue till 14 October. Let us tell you that this time Pitrupaksha is starting late and the main reason for this is excess month. An additional month called Adhikamas or Malmas comes once in three years. This is the reason why Pitrupaksha is starting late this year.


PC: Navbharat Times

In Pitrupaksha, people perform the Shradh of their ancestors according to their date of death. During this, proper worship of ancestors gives peace to their souls and they bless them by being happy. The house where the ancestors are happy, happiness, and blessings always remain there. They go to Gaya and offer pind daan for the peace of the souls of the ancestors and this is considered special. Pind Daan is considered important in Pitrupaksha to please the forefathers. Through which the soul is satisfied and contented by renouncing worldly attachments.

Why is Pind Daan done only in Gaya?

In Pitrupaksha, people offer pind daan and tarpan to their ancestors in their homes. But if body donation is done in Gaya of Bihar, then it is considered to be of special importance. It is said that 108 clans and 7 generations are saved by doing Pinddaan in Gaya. Garuda Purana also mentions the special importance of Pinddaan done in Gaya. It is said that Lord Rama and Mother Sita went to Gaya and offered pinddaan to Father Dasaratha. It is said that after this Pinddaan, King Dasharatha's soul found peace and he attained heaven. That's why it is considered important to donate body in Gaya ji. According to the Garuda Purana, Lord Sri Hari resides in Gaya in the form of Pitridev, hence it is also called Pitritirtha.