Pink Color Lake: There exists a lake with pink water, know why its color is pink!


PC: The Times of India

There are many such amazing things in the world which are always discussed. There are many rivers and lakes in the world. Somewhere there are hot water lakes and somewhere there are cold water lakes. Some of these are very special. Today we are going to tell you about one such lake. Have you ever seen a lake with pink water? Today we are going to tell you about one such lake. 

Where is this lake?

This lake is in Australia. This lake is also known as Hiller and Saline. This lake is considered to be the smallest lake in the world. The beautiful and alluring lake color matches perfectly with the baby pink color. The area of ​​this lake is only 600 m. The lake is surrounded by trees of paperbark and eucalyptus. People from all over the world are thronging to see this lake.


PC: New Scientist

Why is it pink in color? 

This smallest lake in the world has a high concentration of salt, bacteria, and algae. For this reason, when the rays of the sun fall in this lake, the water of this lake starts appearing pink. Despite the presence of salt, bacteria, and algae in this water, it is safe.



Can go boating and swimming

There has been a lot of craze among people to see this lake. Crowds of tourists can be seen here for 12 months of the year. Not everyone can do boating here because of the huge crowd. Very few people get this opportunity.