Pickle Recipe: Make Green Chilli Pickles very easily and quickly in this way, learn the recipe!


Indians love to include pickles in their meals. Many people also like chili pickles. In such a situation, we have brought you the recipe for making chili pickles. So let's know about its recipe.

Necessary ingredients

- ½ tsp fenugreek (ground)

- fennel (ground)

- cumin (ground)

- 1 tsp coriander

- 6 green chilies

- ½ tsp dried mango powder

- pinch of turmeric powder

- salt to taste

- oil as required



First of all, mix the pickle masala, salt, and dried mango powder in a bowl. After this wash and dry the green chilies. After the water dries up, put the spices inside the green chilies by cutting them. After this, take a pan and heat the oil in it. Fry these chilies. Your green chili pickle is ready. Serve with food. This will increase the taste of your food.