Photographer deleted wedding photos in front of the groom, you will be surprised to know the reason


A photographer had gone to the wedding to do a photoshoot, but here the groom treated him in such a way that he got angry and deleted the wedding photo in front of him. After that, he also left from there. After all, that happened at the wedding, the photographer took such a step. Now he himself has given complete information about this on social media.


Actually, the photographer has told about the entire incident of that day on the social media site Reddit. The photographer was very hungry and was refused food at the wedding. Now the photographer was so angry with this thing that he deleted all the wedding photos in front of the groom.

The photographer has told on social media that he is not a photographer by profession. He takes care of the dogs and posts their photos on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. But he told that his friend asked him to take a photo at their wedding, but he refused. However, his friend convinced him to do this work.


The photographer says that there was an agreement between the two to take pictures at the wedding for $ 250 (Rs 18 thousand). He told that the photo work started at around 11 am on the day of the wedding and was about to end at around 8 pm. Now in the meantime food was being served to the people at 5 o'clock in the evening. But there was no place on any table for the photographer and he was refused food. He was constantly asked to take photographs. According to the photographer, he was regretting his decision as to why he had agreed to take the photo.

Exhausted, the photographer asked his friend and the groom for a 20-minute break for food and drinks. On this, the groom told the photographer that he should keep taking pictures continuously or he would have to leave without money. The photographer was troubled by hunger, fatigue, and heat. When the groom told him that he would have to leave without payment, he was so annoyed that he deleted all the pictures in front of him.