Petrol Pump Fraud: Do you also get expensive petrol for Rs 7 at the petrol pump? Be careful!


pc: abplive

Just before the Lok Sabha elections, the Central Government has given relief to the general public by reducing the prices of petrol and diesel by two rupees each. This modest reduction had the most significant impact on those who are poor and rely on their bikes or scooters for daily commutes, including many who work in the fields. This reduction of two rupees will be a great relief for them.

However, many people are falling victim to scams daily without even realizing it. Scammers are often changing the color of the nozzle, making it difficult for people to differentiate between normal and high-powered petrol. As a result, people get duped into buying more expensive petrol thinking they are getting a cheaper one.

The worst affected by this scam are the poor people, who may not be educated or observant enough to notice the fraud. They see only zero on the meter at the petrol pump and believe that they are getting cheap petrol. However, in reality, they have to pay Rs 7 more per liter for the higher-priced petrol.

To avoid becoming a victim of such scams, always pay attention to whether you are taking normal petrol or high-power petrol. Don't hesitate to ask the petrol pump attendant about this. Failure to do so may result in you becoming a victim of the scam of purchasing expensive petrol instead of cheap one, and you may have to return home with an expensive purchase.