Petrol-Diesel Fraud: Why do people fill petrol at petrol pump only for Rs 99 or Rs 499, know the real game!


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The prices of petrol and diesel have been reduced recently, but people often still find it expensive. Often various tactics are adopted at petrol pumps to cheat people. Sometimes the quality of the fuel is poor, and sometimes the full quantity of fuel is not supplied.

Many videos have surfaced showing disputes over the quantity of fuel given at petrol pumps. Many people complain that they do not get enough petrol.

You must have heard that people ask for Rs 99 or Rs 499 petrol at petrol pumps, that is, they always keep their price just below the next round figure.


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Actually, some petrol pumps set a number for cheating. For this, a chip is installed and coding is done.

At such petrol pumps, when someone asks for petrol or diesel worth Rs 100 or Rs 200, the quantity of petrol gets reduced by 15 percent due to coding. Many such cases have come to light in recent years.


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After such complaints, all the oil companies have updated their software. However, many people are still suspicious of petrol pump operators and prefer to ask for fuel just below the next round figure.