Personality Development: Toxic people have these 5 habits! could you identify...


Toxic People Habits: Dealing with a toxic person is one of the most difficult things. We all must have struggled with some toxic people at one time or the other. When there is such a toxic person in our life, it can be very troublesome. Being with such a person can also cause problems like mental stress or anxiety. But how to identify the personality of such people, that is, how can we know that we are living with a toxic person? Today's article is about this subject. The behaviour and personality of toxic people are enough to tell about them. Let us know how to identify these people.


Always compete
If a friend of yours tells you that all the good things happened to him on the last holiday, but in the meantime, giving a quick response to your holiday can create a sense of competition. Also, always comparing yourself with your colleagues at work shows that you are a toxic person.

Be delicate
By always being critical, our friends and relatives may stop sharing things. This is because we resort to criticism in everything. Being overly critical can distance us from our near and dear ones. Most toxic people do this because they consider themselves better than others.

Drama everywhere
Creating scenes everywhere is the identity of toxic people. Such people want to become the centre of attraction. They have a habit of drawing people's attention towards themselves. Not only this, they just want to prove themselves right in the debate, due to which they start drama. Such people do not give everyone a chance to speak, and only dominate others.

To be clever
Toxic people manipulate people to get their work done. The approach of such people is 'Myway or Highway'. It is as if these people do not know how to work by following a process. They always want to complete their work in any way. Whatever the method, the work should be completed. People with such thinking are considered very toxic.


Not handling the situation
The biggest hallmark of toxic people is when things don't go their way. Such people get panic when there is criticism. They often keep Yes Man around them, who keep saying yes to them.