Personal Loan: If you do not want to get trapped in debt, then never take personal loan for these purposes...


When you suddenly need money for some work and you do not have it, then the bank comes in handy. At that time people go towards personal loans. Because these come under the category of unsecured loans and are easily available. If you are eligible to take a loan then it will not take much time for the money to reach your account.

Eligibility for personal loan
For a loan, first of all, your credit score should be good. Besides, you must also have a regular income. With both these things, a personal loan is available quickly. In this, there is no need to complete many formalities like other secured loans. Application for this can be made from anywhere. The interest rates on personal loans are high, so before taking the loan, you should think carefully about how you will repay the loan along with interest.

Do not take a personal loan for these three purposes
To buy shares

If you are thinking that you can earn good money by buying shares in a short time. And if you are taking a loan to buy shares, then stop yourself from making this mistake. Investing money in the stock market is subject to market risks. Don't know when share prices will fall. Therefore, it would not be wise to buy shares by taking a personal loan.

To pay off debt
If you want to take another loan to repay one loan then it may be a mistake. Never take the help of a personal loan to repay the loan. Because it is quite expensive. To repay the installment, your debt burden may increase further.


To buy expensive luxury goods
You should avoid taking a loan even for your expensive hobbies or to buy expensive items. This will increase your expenses further. Besides, you will also continue to get buried under the burden of a bank loan.

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