Period Pain: Do you know? These 5 things work to increase period pain..


Girls or women adopt some such things every day, which work to increase their period pen more. These can also be called bad habits. These things have been mentioned in a news published in Daily Mail. Usually, every woman or girl does them without thinking and they feel a lot of pain during periods. In this article, we are going to tell you about these five mistakes.


Unhealthy diet
In a study of the year 2018, about 70 university girls were included. Turkish researchers found that those who are addicted to salty snacks and sweets have more period pain. Instead of this unhealthy diet, things containing omega-6 fatty acids should be made a part of the diet. Leave fast food and make a habit of eating vegetables and foods made of flour.

Mental stress
Due to stress, the hormonal balance in the body gets disturbed and due to this, even the period cycle gets disturbed. Stress i.e. tension spoils the health of the body in many ways. If you have excessive period pain every month, then one of the reasons behind this can be stressful.

Smoking habit
Everyone knows that smoking is equal to poison for our lungs, but still, people become addicted to it. According to experts, the habit of cigarettes causes many changes in the body and it also affects the period cycle. In such a situation, an increase in pain is bound to happen.

Heavy weight
According to researchers, even if you are overweight or heavyweight, period pain can increase. Australian medics studied for about 13 years and found that women who tried to lose weight had fewer periods. Doctors say that there is no direct connection between period pain and weight, but it has been mentioned in many theories.


Some form of birth control
Women complain of period cramps when on birth control, but certain types can make symptoms worse. The NHS says that a copper coil is a form of birth control that can cause heavy periods.