Peacock Feather Remedies: All these defects will be removed by peacock feathers!


Peacock feathers are not only used for decoration in the house, but they are also very beneficial according to Vastu. It is associated with good luck, so many remedies related to peacock feathers have been told in astrology. Today we are going to tell you similar remedies related to peacock feathers, by which the problems of your life can be easily overcome and happiness and peace also reside in the house. Let us know the remedies related to peacock feathers.


If child's mind is not engaged in studies, so to increase his concentration, a peacock feather should be kept near his study table or inside the book. You will get the benefit of this. By doing this remedy, you will get positive results.

If married life is not going well and there is a dispute between husband and wife, then bring two pairs of peacock feathers home and put one pair in the east direction of your bedroom and one pair in the west direction at such a place. From where he is always in front of your eyes. This will increase harmony and love between them.


You can also solve the Rahu defect through peacock feathers. Such a person should make a peacock feather in a talisman and tie it on his right leg. Since peacock is considered to be the enemy of snakes, by doing this remedy, the troubles related to Rahu are removed soon.