Paytm UPI Lite: Now PIN will not be required for Paytm payment, follow this process..


Whenever we make a UPI payment through Paytm, we have to enter a PIN. We also get troubled by entering PIN again and again. In such a situation, Paytm has decided to remove the PIN system to make the work of the users easier. Actually, through UPI Lite we can make payment without PIN.


Paytm UPI Lite Wallet is a way to make fast, secure payments. Paytm said in a press release on May 13 that through this the possibility of payment failure is reduced. You can add Rs 2000 to this wallet twice a day. This service will be beneficial for small payments. UPI Lite Wallet can be a great option for groceries, parking payments, and many other small payments.

How to use

If you also want to do UPI Lite Wallet then you will have to follow these steps.

Go to the Paytm app, and click on the ‘UPI Lite Activate’ icon on the homepage.

Select the bank account you want to use with UPI Lite.

Enter the amount you want to add to UPI Lite to initiate the payment.

Register MPIN to create your UPI Lite account

Just like the normal UPI payment app, you can use UPI Lite wallet which will provide the facility to make payments with any merchant.

Paytm said that using UPI Lite Wallet, you can make payment by scanning any UPI QR code with the help of Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, and Yes Bank.


What is its purpose

Paytm is used by a large population of the country. In such a situation, people can get maximum facilities. Therefore, the company wants to promote the light version of UPI. The company claims that UPI Lite is capable of making payments successfully even in low networks.

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