Parenting Tips: If the child has become stubborn then follow these methods...


Parenting Tips: Everyone loves children. When the child is small, parents to other family members give him affection. Takes care of his needs. Let's try to fulfill the child's request. There is nothing wrong with pampering the child but some people pamper the child excessively. This can also be called over-pampering or head over heels, especially if the child is an only child. By doing this, the chances of the child getting spoiled increase.


The behavior of parents and family members affects the nature of the child. The child starts getting over-indulged and becomes stubborn or angry. Being stubborn can also be a matter of age, but when the child starts being stubborn beyond limits, then the parents should be alert. If the child's stubbornness increases with age, he may have to face problems in the future. Therefore, if your child is too stubborn, then you can adopt some tips to improve this behavior.

Do not argue
Stubborn children have a very strong will. When they are not listened to, they start arguing. If the parents respond to their stubbornness and arguments in the same way, then the child will be more stubborn. If his insistence is not fulfilled, he will start ignoring everything you say. That's why don't be stubborn in front of a stubborn child, rather listen to him patiently. Don't poke them in the middle. Your patience can soften their anger and stubbornness.

Don't react
If the child behaves well, praise him, but do not react when he insists or does something wrong. Your silence can act as a punishment for them more than shouting or scolding. Don't force them and don't make the child agree to your point of view. Rather, when the child insists, do not react to him. When their anger subsides, calmly explain what is wrong and what is right.

Give option
Give the child choices. Do not give orders to the child, as a young child asks a lot of questions when asked to do something. While children often do that work, they are forbidden to do it. So give the kids a choice. For example, if he insists on something, then put some other option in front of him instead of that thing. So that he forgets his stubbornness. This way the child will not be stubborn.


Create rule
No matter how much you love the child, some rules and regulations should be set for their better behavior. You need to make some rules. Explain to them that breaking the rules will only harm them. If the rules are fixed, the child will be disciplined and the stubbornness will reduce to some extent. However, do not make discipline and rules too rigid.