Parenting Tips: How much attention should you pay to children?


Parenting Tips:  In the present era, parents spend more time with their children than before, yet despite paying more attention than the previous generation, they remain more concerned. Guardian believes that lack of commitment can harm the child's success and interests in the future.


Professor Amy Brown (Child Public Health) of Swansea University told the 'The Conversation' website that this kind of thinking can have a negative impact. Mothers are facing more social pressure to take care of their children than fathers, which is adversely affecting the health of married women. Due to online classes during the Coronavirus epidemic, the mother had to be present with the child during teaching, which increased the pressure even more.

How much attention should you pay to children?

Now a big question arises how much attention should be given to children? If children are left to fend for themselves, will there be any harm in the future? Can you ignore your child? Or on the contrary, can we connect more with the child? Most of the parents say that they are paying proper attention to their children.

The right perspective is important

There is no doubt that it is important to have the right approach to parenting for child development. When parents fulfill the needs of their children in a better and better way, the bond between them increases. This increases their confidence and then leads to positive, social, and emotional development.

What was achieved from the study?

A study was conducted on children from orphanages in Romania, these children did not get love and care like normal children, hence they did not get a chance for emotional development. If the child finds someone to talk to at an early age, it will be especially important for his literacy skills. Children will express their feelings only when they are heard and supported.

child needs support

Support is needed for child development. Children learn to grow by taking opportunities to make mistakes and take minor risks during play as they decide which activities to participate in. On the contrary, when the child is controlled through routine, his path becomes easier. They may struggle to develop the skills and flexibility needed for everyday life. When it seems that taking more care will increase children's confidence, then parents pay more attention.

The amount of attention a child needs also naturally changes with time. Children develop physically and emotionally as they grow, and parents who adapt to these changes usually have better results.

Surprisingly, no significant connection was found between parents feeling the most and least stressed, which suggests that no matter how much time you spend with your children, these feelings never really go away. Perhaps this is the most important aspect. Most parents pay enough attention to their children.