Parental Control Apps: These apps will be useful to keep your child safe, see the list here..


The increasing technology has taken the Internet to every corner, due to which access to the Internet has become very easy even for adults and children. This makes it an important issue for parents to take care of their safety in the digital realm.


In such a situation, parental control apps can be a better option to protect your child's digital world. These apps help parents monitor, restrict, and manage their children's device usage. This can help parents protect their children from harmful content, manage screen time, and promote healthy digital habits. Here we will learn about three such apps.

     The mSpy app helps parents ensure the safety of their children in today's digital environment.
     In this, along with text message monitoring, you can view deleted messages as well as messages directly from your control panel.
     In this app, you get a social media tracking feature, which allows parents to keep an eye on the activity of popular platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.
     Additionally, mSpy also offers web filtering, which sends alerts for bad websites and allows parents to block specific categories or sites.
     In this app, you get many other features along with geo-fencing alerts.

     Spybubble is a parental control app designed to help parents monitor and manage their child's mobile usage.
     It lets you monitor your child's device in real-time using a device-secure online dashboard with remote access capabilities.
     These apps allow parents to read their child's texts and view call logs, including deleted messages, as well as track activity on popular social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.
     Apart from this, you can also monitor the web browsing history of children.

     This app allows parents to help them monitor and manage their child's device usage. It has many such features including remote GPS tracking, which can be useful to you.

     GPS tracking allows parents to track their child's location at any given time without their knowledge, and access history data.
     Apart from this, you can also control the screen time of your children with the help of this app.
     Additionally, parents can block specific apps and entire website categories from their children's mobile to provide a safe online environment.
     It has a text message control feature, which allows parents to read their child's iMessage and SMS texts, giving them control over their child.

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